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Biggie, Number 60, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Lily, Number 61, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Sparky, Number 62, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Donut, Number 63, The Puppy Place Childrens Book

Everyone who meets this scrappy little Yorkie falls in love at first sight - including Lizzie. She's sure she can find him a wonderful home. But first she needs Biggie's help - to find a lost dog. Available through Scholastic Book Clubs in September, 2020, and in stores March, 2021.


It's hard to believe that anyone would give up this beautiful little cream-colored golden retriever. When he meets Lily, Charles and his family are on vacation at the beach. There's no time to waste if he's going to find her the perfect home! Available through Scholastic Book Clubs in November, 2020, and in stores May, 2021.


Lizzie loves every puppy she meets, and has always been able to help each one her family fosters. But adorable Sparky has some special challenges. Is Lizzie up to fostering him? Available through Scholastic Book Clubs in March, 2021, and in stores September, 2021.


Wow, this German Shepherd - Lab mix is something special. She's so smart and eager to learn! She deserves the very best home, and Lizzie is determined to be the one to find it. Available through Scholastic Book Clubs in May, 2021, and in stores November, 2021.

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Kodiak, Number 56, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Barney, Number 57, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Fluffy and Freckles, Number 58, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Miki, Number 59, The Puppy Place Childrens Book

Lizzie finds this malamute puppy wandering in the woods - then she loses him again! Kodiak couldn't be sweeter - but he sure does love to run. It won't be easy to find the right home for this big fluffy lovebug.


When Lizzie meets a mischievous wire-haired dachshund at a horse show, it's love at first sight. But Barney is a real handful! How will she find him the perfect home?

Fluffy and Freckles
Special Edition!

Charles is already having a big adventure in Vermont with his dad, but it gets even more exciting when he finds an adorable stray puppy in the woods. On top of that, Charles meets a lamb who needs fostering. Who knew that a lamb and a puppy could become BFFs? This longer special edition has lots of fun quizzes and games in the back.


Fluffy, funny Miki wins Charles's heart - and the hearts of everyone she meets. A born entertainer, this Bichon Frise loves attention.

Cuddles, Number 52, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Bentley, Number 53, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Rusty, Number 54, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Roxy, Number 55, The Puppy Place Childrens Book

This puppy looks like a little Teddy bear! She couldn't be cuter, and Lizzie is sure she can find a special home for her.


Charles meets this sleek Weimeraner pup at camp. He's active, smart, and happy - who wouldn't want to adopt him?


When Lizzie meets Rusty, it's love at first sight. This Irish Setter puppy is full of high spirits and energy - all he needs is the right owner!


Awww! This feisty little mixed breed has a hurt leg. Charles helps her heal - then he helps her to find the perfect home.

Bitsy, Number 48, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Edward, Number 49, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Spirit, Number 50, The  Place Childrens Book Louie, Number 51, The Puppy Place Childrens Book

Bitsy is the tiniest dog Charles has ever met. Who is the perfect owner for this miniature pooch?


Everybody loves this energetic black pug. Can Lizzie train him to be the perfect pet?


When a gorgeous pure white German shepherd appears in the midst of a blizzard, it's up to Lizzie to help him find his way home.


This sweet and gentle giant is the perfect project for Charles's Cub Scout Pack.

Bubbles and Boo, Number 44, The Puppy Place Childrens Book Lola, Number 45, The  Place Childrens Book Angel, Number 46, The  Place Childrens Book Jake, Number 47, The Puppy Place Childrens Book
Bubbles and Boo

Bunny + Puppy = BFFs!! Can Lizzie and Charles find them both new homes?


This sweet little French bulldog starts out timid - but Charles soon learns that she's full of personality.


It's an all-out rescue effort when Lizzie spots this adorable Havanese puppy - stuck on a cliff!


Lizzie's not sure how much she'll like horse camp - until she meets handsome Jake, the German Shorthair Pointer puppy.

Sugar, Gummi, and Lollipop Puppy Place Childrens Book Nala Puppy Place Childrens Book Bonita Puppy Place Childrens Book Champ Puppy Place Childrens Book
Sugar, Gummi, and Lollipop

What could be sweeter than a puggle? Lizzie knows the answer: THREE puggles!


Dogs don't belong at school - but this pretty Collie doesn't know that. She wants to follow Charles everywhere!


This stray pup came from an island far away. She deserves a very special home, and Lizzie is just the person to help find it!


Charles believes that this scrawny German shepherd is a super-hero in disguise. Can he convince everyone else?

Stella Puppy Place Childrens Book Boomer Puppy Place Childrens Book Gus Puppy Place Childrens Book Gus Puppy Place Childrens Book

When Charles meets this adorable Maltese pup at the campground, it's love at first sight. But something is not quite right with Stella. Can he figure out the problem?


A huge, sloppy, furry mutt, Boomer blasts into Lizzie's life when she least expects him. Can she tame this wild child?


This Boston terrier is a real charmer, but she has a secret: she loves to shred things! Can Charles help her learn how to behave?


He's a superstar! When he appears in the paper, this energetic labradoodle goes viral. Everybody wants him! How will Lizzie decide on the best forever family?

Liberty Puppy Place Childrens Book Gizmo Puppy Place Childrens Book Zipper Puppy Place Childrens Book Cooper Puppy Place Childrens Book

Poor pup! She races down the beach, terrified by noisy fireworks. Liberty needs Lizzie to help her find her way home.


Charles gets the chance to try agility classes when he fosters this energetic Sheltie pup. Gizmo will be the best agility dog ever - won't he?


It's love at first sight when Lizzie meets this long-legged hound mix pup during a winter ski vacation. Zipper is a handful! Where will his perfect forever home be?


This Corgi pup is a natural-born star who steals the show when he gets a part in a play. How can Charles find him a home where his talent will shine?

Teddy Puppy Place Childrens Book Mocha Puppy Place Childrens Book Oscar Puppy Place Childrens Book Molly Puppy Place Childrens Book

This fluffy Pomeranian pup is adorable - but he never seems to stop barking! How will Lizzie ever find the right home for this noisy pup?


She's sweet, she's cute, she's super-friendly. This mutt wins everybody's heart when the Petersons visit their cousins in the country.


Is this Schnauzer pup a grouch? Not really, but he doesn't get along with everybody. Still, Lizzie knows she can find him the perfect home.


No need to be afraid of this Rottweiler girl. She is a gentle giant, and a special friend to the Bean.

Bandit Puppy Place Childrens Book Cocoa Puppy Place Childrens Book Rocky Puppy Place Childrens Book Lucy Puppy Place Childrens Book

This cute little Shih Tzu was left at a truck stop restaurant - and he needs more than just a good home.


Needed: a happy home for a wild whirlwind of a Chocolate Lab. It won't be easy to find the right match for this energetic pup!


This big, burly Bulldog may not be a good guard dog, but he sure can make people laugh.


A Bassett mix who loves to howl and dig, this girl is loveable - but she's trouble, too!

Muttley Puppy Place Childrens Book Ziggy Puppy Place Childrens Book Bella Puppy Place Childrens Book Moose Puppy Place Childrens Book

All this mutt wants to do is sleep - but when the Petersons are in trouble he turns out to be a hero!


Oh, no, Ziggy the dachshund has disappeared! How will Charles find this rascally runaway?


This tiny newborn Cocker spaniel is all alone in the world. She needs all the loving care she can get.


An enormous Great Dane who's afraid of his own shadow? It's going to take some magic to help this pup.

Jack Puppy Place Childrens Book Sweetie Puppy Place Childrens Book Chewy and Chica Puppy Place Childrens Book Baxter Puppy Place Childrens Book

How will Lizzie deal with a boxer pup who eats EVERYTHING?


This miniature poodle may be tiny, but she has a ton of personality!

Chewy and Chica

Fostering TWO Chihuahuas at once means double trouble for Charles and Lizzie!


Lizzie has never met a Portuguese Water Dog before, but she falls in love with this cutie.

Cody Puppy Place Childrens Book Honey Puppy Place Childrens Book Bear Puppy Place Childrens Book Lucky Puppy Place Childrens Book

He barks, he jumps up, he pulls on the leash. This Dalmatian pup needs some training - and a new home!


This yellow Lab is so smart and sweet. Finding the perfect home for her will be easy - won't it?


Meeting this adorable Husky pup turns Lizzie's winter vacation into an exciting adventure.


Can Charles and his new friend David help this stray mutt find his way home?

Pugsley Puppy Place Childrens Book Maggie and Max Puppy Place Childrens Book Noodle Puppy Place Childrens Book Princess Puppy Place Childrens Book

Otherwise known as Mr. Pest! Nobody has ever met a puppy as naughty as this Pug.

Maggie and Max

This big St. Bernard puppy and little kitten are best friends. Who will give them both a home?


Emergency! A Golden Doodle puppy fell through the ice. First, he needs rescuing. Then, he needs a home.


The Petersons have met all kinds of puppies. But they've never met one like this Yorkie, the most spoiled puppy ever.

Buddy Puppy Place Childrens Book Flash Puppy Place Childrens Book Scout Puppy Place Childrens Book Patches Puppy Place Childrens Book

This little guy is the sweetest mixed-breed puppy ever. When he comes to stay with the Petersons, it's love at first sight.


Why did someone abandon this smart, quick, energetic Border Collie?


This German Shepherd puppy has a talent for finding people. Can the Petersons find him the perfect home?


Why would anybody leave this adorable Beagle puppy tied up alone in a garage?

Goldie Puppy Place Childrens Book Snowball Puppy Place Childrens Book Shadow Puppy Place Childrens Book Rascal Puppy Place Childrens Book

The first puppy the Peterson family fosters. This golden retriever pup is so cute and smart!


This little West Highland White Terrier (Westie) likes to be the star of the show.


A sweet, caring Black Lab puppy who has something very special to offer.


A real wild child! Can this Jack Russell Terrier ever learn to behave?

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