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Portrait of Ellen Miles by Myra Hudson

I was born in New York City on April 8, 1957.

I have curly hair and glasses. But I do not have a middle name!

I grew up in New York state but now I live in Vermont (my beloved Green Mountain State).

I’m the baby of the family, with one older brother and one older sister.

I don’t have any kids, but I have three amazing nieces and lots of young friends.

My first pet was a beautiful tortoise-shell cat named Jenny.

I’ve been a bookworm since kindergarten and I still love, love, love to read. My favorite authors include Beverly Cleary and Dorothy Canfield Fisher — and of course Betty Miles, my mom, who also wrote books for kids.

I love to spend time outdoors every day. In the summer I bike and walk and swim and help out at my local farm; in the winter (my favorite season) I love to cross-country ski through the snowy woods. When I’m indoors, I love to cook, read, spend time with friends and family, read, and do crossword puzzles. And read. Did I mention that I love to read?

I write the Puppy Place series because I am crazy about dogs. I get my ideas all over the place: from books, from the newspaper, from my imagination, and from dogs and people that I know.

I have shared my life with many wonderful dogs and I loved every one of them very much. My dog Django died a while ago (of old age). I still miss him, but I have a new dog now — a hound mix named Zipper — who keeps me laughing every day.

My favorite color is green. Recently I painted my living room walls green!

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